Well, what else would your website be about it you lived there?

The Los Alamos National Laboratory is a high tech, super secure research facility located in the foothills of the Jemez Mountains. It was so secret that during World War II, when it was working on the Manhattan Project to perfect the atomic bomb, mail and equipment deliveries to the lab were addressed to a single post office box in nearby Santa Fe. The first time I visited the secret city with my parents in the late 1950s, I remember having to go through a heavily guarded check point where we were all carefully scrutinized.

The main residential and commercial parts of the city are now open to all, but the research facilities and laboratories are all guarded by high-tech security measures and are strictly off-limits for regular visitors.

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Main campus of Los Alamos National Laboratory

So it was surprising that in 2005 Lab security forces discovered an Amarillo man had been living in a cave in one of the deep rugged canyons which thread through the high security part of the laboratory property. When questioned, the man admitted he had been living there for the last four years. In his time there, he had managed to upgrade his cave with a glass door, heater, solar generator, satellite radio, mattress and other accoutrements, including equipment to set up and operate his own website.

Keeping in the spirit of his surrounding scientific environment, security forces said his website explained his “Single Big Bang/Single Expanding Universe/Finite Cosmos” physics theory.

And no, they didn’t offer him a job after his arrest for trespassing.

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