If at first you don’t succeed, settle for whatever’s available…

In 2012, a woman was displeased with only placing fifth in the highly competitive Miss Texas contest and moved to New Mexico to enter the Miss New Mexico contest.

Apparently, fifth best from Texas was good enough for first place in the Land of Enchantment and she was selected as Miss New Mexico.

Chinese university beauty pageant organizers mandate ...
A generic beauty contest photo

Perhaps thinking that the New Mexico title wasn’t prestigious enough for her, she then moved to New Orleans and entered as a contestant in the Miss Louisiana contest. However, when scouring her somewhat checkered contestant past, contest authorities discovered that she was too old to compete for the Louisiana title.

Undeterred, she then entered the Miss Louisiana USA contest, which she won.

As an aside, stories about her beauty contest odyssey also noted that her boyfriend owned a chain of Cajun restaurants called “Slap Ya Momma.”

I’m glad Miss Fifth Best from Texas ultimately decided New Mexico wasn’t good enough for her. We deserve better. And we certainly don’t want a restaurant with a name that would have to be translated to “Abofetear a tu Madre.”

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