If it happens in Roswell, it’s probably weird…

Roswell, home of the 1947 UFO incident. Home of the bleeding picture of Jesus. Home of the guy who escaped from law enforcement last year and tried to disguise himself by wearing a skirt, carrying a pink purse and forgetting to shave his red beard.

Okay, I confess that found this on the Internet…

Last week, we had a report of another memorable Roswell incident. In this case, a reporter for an Albuquerque TV station was arrested for impersonating a police officer on at least four occasions last year between March and June. He was also suspended from his job.

Arrest warrants said the suspect arrived at crime scenes in his look-alike unmarked police unit which sported flashing lights, a blaring siren and a dash camera which recorded his nefarious activities. At one incident, he was wearing a badge, carrying a pistol and wearing tactical gear, which he said was required at his job as a security officer. In another incident, another law enforcement official mistook him for a real policeman and asked him to direct traffic. In a third incident, he chased down a suspected drunk driver, pinned his car in his driveway and called for real police assistance to arrest the man. At that point, the cops were onto his ruse.

After his arrest, police recovered the dashboard camera which provided some very incriminating evidence. One video clip, which he entitled “En route to a shooting,” showed him racing to the crime scene with siren blaring and red lights flashing while running four stop signs and a traffic light.

If aliens ever show up near Roswell again, it’s too bad this guy won’t be there to record the incident. He’d probably have no trouble getting through police and security barriers for some great video.

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