She wasn’t rolling with the flow…

You might remember that in 1994, an Albuquerque woman received a $2.86 million settlement when she was burned by hot coffee at a McDonald’s drive-up window.

Not to be outdone, a Taos woman pursued legal action against the double golden arches in the northern New Mexico community during 2016.

In this case, the woman claimed that when she attempted to roll toilet paper off the dispenser in the women’s restroom, the entire unit detached from the wall of the stall and struck her in the head. I could not find information about whether the case was settled.

Image result for toilet paper dispenser
A potentially dangerous projectile

I’m hoping the chain did not counter sue for destruction of property, perhaps arguing she was pulling too hard on the roll of toilet paper. If that was the case, it certainly would have said a lot about the tensile strength of the toilet paper and how comfortable it might have been to use.

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