Another overlooked Chihuahuan Desert gem…

Probably everyone in southern New Mexico has visited the City of Rocks, between Deming and Silver City, at one time or another. Like many things to see in our high desert neighborhood, you saw it once and then you kind of forgot about it.

On another one of our recent weekly journeys to rediscover our southern New Mexico back yard, we traveled to City of Rocks State Park. We probably had not been there for 20 or more years.

Since we last visited, there have been many improvements to facilities — better trails, picnic areas, upgraded camp sites and a visitor center which we could not visit because of the COVID-19 restrictions in place at state parks.

One thing that was particularly nice during our visit was that the park was restricted to New Mexico residents only. When we arrived at the gate, the helpful and efficient park ranger asked us to prove our citizenship, so I whipped out my new “Safe ID” New Mexico driver’s license — its first use since I got it in late December. We visited the park on a Saturday and there were few other (all New Mexican) visitors. That factor, along with spectacular mid-winter weather, left us with a great memory.

I’ve attached some photos from our trip. I hope you’ll take the time to visit or revisit the park soon. From Las Cruces, it’s just a little over an hour and one-half drive — well worth it.

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