This kid had it figured out 17 years ago…

There’s a friendly little neighborhood park just a few blocks away from our home in Mesilla Park. It’s a real gem because it’s largely unknown, hidden in the middle of a bunch of streets that go nowhere and very cozy. Our grandkids always make the park a top priority when they visit us. It’s my favorite place to launch my hot air balloon. It’s protected from wind by trees, surrounded by friendly neighbors, close to lots of open landing spaces and is just a couple of minutes — literally — from my house.

A treasure in the park is an art project featuring the designs of children on ceramic tiles that are attached to various structures. As far as I can tell, the art project was put in place in the mid 1990s, due to the dates which appear on some of the tiles. The different structures feature tiles depicting different topics. One is about family, one is about food, one is about the landscape and another about their homes. One of the tiles was signed by Maggie Feil who my daughter played soccer with or against back in the day. Seeing her tile makes me wonder how each one of these children fared over the years. I’m sure some of them have had wonderful lives and a few, sadly, probably did not. I recently ran into Maggie’s father, a retired Las Cruces physician, and asked him how she was doing because her tile constantly reminds me of her. “Great,” was his immediate response, then explaining what she was doing these days in a successful career that I think was somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. 

Marrie Feil’s tile from the 1994

I also spotted the tile below on the “predict the future” structure. Clearly, the young man who created this tile knew what the future in personal transportation was going to hold. 


The “electic” car of the future…

It appears young Mr. Bean had some difficulty spelling “electic” to describe his car of the future. Or perhaps he meant “eclectic.” Either way, I think he knew what was coming. 

There’s another entertaining tile on this same “predict the future” structure. I hope its creator, Amanda Torres, promoted this idea to McDonald’s and made a ton of money on it. Just think, you’d never have to wait in a drive-up lane or stand behind long lines at the counter any more.  You’d just grab a happy meal any time you were hungry while whizzing above the earth. I mean, they already do this on airlines, so why not in your own flying car?


A spectacular marketing idea — fast food served instantly in your flying car.

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