Throw ’em a bone (and hope they have enough teeth to chew it)…

My wife has always suspected that instead of feral cats, we have feral Chihuahua dogs running wild in Las Cruces. We’ve seen evidence of that to some degree.

I’m no fan of Chihuahua dogs. To me, dogs need to be medium to large in size, have hair and not be yappy. The only small dog we’ve ever owned was a Shi-Tzu that was “gifted” to me by my late brother, who feared the dog was going to become a snack for coyotes in his rural home in southern Arizona. Spot was sweet and friendly dog, who unfortunately lost his sight and hearing and never demonstrated having a large amount of intelligence in his walnut-sized brain. He was the alpha dog to our late large Golden retriever, Jim, who cowered when Spot would occasionally snarl at him. It was entertaining to see the interaction. But at least Spot was not yappy.

However, I did have some sympathy for the Chihuahua breed when I spotted this recent story from Albuquerque.

KOB TV, Channel 4, reported that when elderly woman recently died and friends/relatives came to her home to clean up and assess her estate, they found 46 Chihuahuas that she was caring for — probably indicating the woman was on the edge of being a hoarder of these diminutive critters. 

The article said most of them were older and many needed dental work, up to the tune of $1,400 each. 

One of the rescued Chihuahuas, obviously in need of dental work

So there is now an “Operation Chihuahua” that you can help these forlorn dogs find a home. I’m not planning to adopt one myself. I don’t think our large and rambunctious Goldendoodle Chester would appreciate one as anything more than a moving chew toy. But if you have it in your heart to adopt one of these guys, look at the website.

I sincerely hope they’ve all been adopted by the time you read this.

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