Maybe the sudden demand for corsages tipped off someone…

Las Cruces Public Schools confirmed last week that up to 150 students attending Mayfield High School had held a “secret prom” the previous weekend at an undisclosed location.

The discovery has led to the suspension of in-person learning at Mayfield — which had just resumed two weeks ago — for 10 days. School authorities said the non-sanctioned event triggered concern about spread of COVID-19 at the high school.

Details emerging about the “secret prom” seem to point to parental involvement in planning and conducting the event. There was a paid DJ who played music for the attendees, He confirmed the event to the local newspaper and said adults were there to supervise. He also noted that although some students wore masks when they arrived, photos showed few wearing them while dancing. The DJ commented that “the kids had such a good time, you could just tell.”

Going incognito to the Mayfield prom…

Well, the Las Cruces Public Schools and the New Mexico Department of Education didn’t think it was “such a good time.” Both are investigating the event and say those who participated will face some kind of punishment, including possibly not being allowed to attend graduation ceremonies.

And ironically, the school district was already at work to allow the students to hold a fully sanctioned safe-distancing prom event later in the spring. 

Fat chance that will happen now.

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