Street Smarts…

On a trip a few years ago to visit my sister in Cochiti Lake, I passed by a street sign that literally made me stop and take a second look. The name of the street was “Sparkling Moolah Road,” just south of metropolitan Pena Blanca. 

After some research, I discovered that the street was named after a race horse that won about a dozen quarter horse races in the late 1970s and early 1980s. I’m assuming that the horse was bred and raised at a horse farm at the end of that road. A map proving that I did not make this up is below.


Sparking Moolah Road, just south of Pena Blanca

There was another amusing story regarding street names in Las Cruces a couple of years ago. Some local historians had suggested that the bland name “Motel Boulevard” be changed to “Pat Garrett Boulevard” in honor of the famous Dona Ana County lawman best known for killing Billy the Kid. Garrett, who was twice sheriff of Dona Ana County, was also the father of Elizabeth Garrett who penned the lyrics to “Oh Fair New Mexico,” our official state song. 

Well, the “inclusive police” stepped in and decided there were many more legendary people in Las Cruces who should have a street honoring all of them. It was suggested by a city council member that the street name be “Legends Boulevard.” I mean honestly, “Motel Boulevard” was a better choice than “Legends Boulevard” in terms of attracting attention to our city.  The idea, thankfully, was eventually dropped. But I honestly hope someone steps up and pushes the “Pat Garrett Boulevard” proposal again. 

Which brings me to my final point. While driving to Albuquerque last week, I noticed a very cleverly named street on my car’s navigation screen while driving just south of Truth of Consequences. 

The street was named “Yippie Calle.”

Okay, think about it for a second, then say it out loud. 

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