“Buttload,” version 2.0…

You may remember an earlier post about my discovery that “buttload” was a legitimate measurement term. Well, another story has popped up about the use of someone’s posterior region for potentially holding a measurement of something.

A few years ago, police in Demining spotted a man near the local Wal-Mart repeatedly clinching his buttocks. Never mind that he might have had issues trying to hold something back — police immediately suspected his twitches were signs of him of concealing illegal drugs in a “body cavity.”

So convinced of his guilt that police rushed him to a hospital in Silver City — about 50 miles away — where doctors performed numerous probes, searches, enemas and X-rays to find suspected hidden objects.

The results?

No drugs were found but the suspect was left with some pain — the worst of which was his $6,000 bill from the hospital for their services.

Truly a pain in the … well you know what.

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