Poor Espanola…

I do feel sorry for Espanola. It’s the butt of endless jokes (and even has its own “Epanola Jokes” cult following.)I think it sits in a spectacular location along the Rio Grande with vistas of the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo Mountains on either side.  It has a wonderful cultural blend with Native, Hispanic and Anglo populations.

But every time I drive through I find something humorously rooted in bad taste. I once told my son that “Espanola never disappoints” when it comes to the unexpected examples of bad taste. My son commented that perhaps “Espanola Never Disappoints” should be the city’s motto — it could work both ways, you know.

At any rate, I’m attaching a photo of a billboard for a dental office that I spotted on a drive through the city a few years ago.


Billboard for a dentist in Espanola

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