Yep, stars are expected over the New Mexico Spaceport…

New Mexico is in a state of self-congratulation after Sir Richard Branson’s historic launch of his Virgin Galactic spacecraft above the central New Mexico desert last Sunday. 

Virgin Galactic soars into space above New Mexico

Now that we’ve all taken a deep breath to take in the accomplishment amid lots of hoopla, remember there is more to come.

In 2013 two pop culture stars signed up to go into space aboard Branson’s spacecraft even before it had flown its first flight — Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. And at the time Lady Gaga indicated she wanted to buy a ticket to space, she announced she would sing a song during the flight.

Which gives us all kinds of opportunities to imagine what she might sing. My pick would be something by David Bowie, but I’m attaching a link to what someone said were the top rock and roll songs about space so you can peruse them and make your choice about what Lady Gaga should sing.

16 Songs About Space That Are Cosmically Great (

Of course, if you’d like to make up your own tune and submit it to Lady Gaga for consideration, go right ahead. Just let me know so we can all sing along if she picks yours. 

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