Does the phrase “scarcer than hen’s teeth” not ring a bell???

My daughter and her children are visiting us now and we’ve become more aware of how focused she is to make sure that what the kids eat is healthy. I get that, and it’s a good thing. When I was young, we just ate what was put in front of us at the dinner table and my mother and my wife’s mother probably didn’t obsess about what went into whatever was in what we ate. A lot of it was probably not healthy food by today’s standards. Somehow, my wife and I survived.

But when I saw this label on a carton of eggs today, I was rather surprised.

Really? Vegetarian chickens? What about Vegan chickens?

Okay, I guess times have passed me by, but I didn’t know there was such a thing as “vegetarian fed hens.” I thought they all just ate chicken feed, which I assumed was made mostly from some kind of seed.

My wife, however, says that when she grew up on the Nebraska farm, chickens could be pretty mean and liked to peck at her. Maybe all along they’ve been craving some kind of meat.

And of course, we now know that birds evolved from the dinosaurs, and those guys, particularly Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptors, chewed up other animals for snacks with some really fearsome teeth.

But honestly, do hens have teeth to rip off and eat the flesh of other animals? Maybe they have evolved since the last time I looked at one of those cute little yellow chicks at the feed store. Maybe they have incisors, molars and canines these days. I’ll have to look more closely the next time “chick days” happens at the local Tractor Supply Store — but I’ll keep my distance just in case.

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