Hunting for its rider…

This week in Albuquerque, police spotted something unusual. It was a personal watercraft zipping around in loops in the Rio Grande somewhere in the North Valley.


No rider aboard

What was unusual, however, was that there was no rider on the watercraft as it sputtered around in its circle.

Police immediately began a search for the missing rider, thinking he or she may have been tossed off the watercraft during an extreme maneuver or when it hit a sandbar, log or some other object.

As of this writing, no one has been found — drowned or alive — who seems to have been connected to the watercraft.  And there were no details provided as to how police finally managed to corral the renegade machine.

Maybe the device just got tired of sitting in the driveway of its owner and managed to sneak up to the river through a series of irrigation canals. Or maybe La Llorona, the legendary ghost who haunts the river on its wanderings through New Mexico, was up for a thrill ride one night and forgot to shut off the machine when she finished her adventure.



Heading home after her ride…

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