What a good monsoon season can do…

A headline in Saturday’s Albuquerque Journal announced that “Rains ease New Mexico’s short-term drought.” That’s really great news. I recall last year’s monsoon season was almost non-existent. This year’s summer rainy season began in late June when more than two inches fell at our house during a two week period.

The rains have continued since, very spotty in typical New Mexico monsoon fashion, with arroyo busters two miles away and nothing but a few drops to mess up your car wash at home. But by the next day, we can get a third of an inch at our house while the Organ Mountains get nothing. 

The countryside, particularly around the Organ Mountains is as green as I remember it in years. And the Albuquerque Journal story says that while 53% of the state was considered in the category of “exceptional drought” three months ago, that number has dwindled to just 9% as of last week.

I’m attaching some photos of how our house has blossomed (literally) with the additional rainfall, along with some other pictures showing how beneficial the precipitation has been.

Bird of Paradise flower in our back yard
Zinnia flower garden with more than quadruple the number of blossoms we had last year
Taller plants and more ears of corn this year than last year in Margo’s raised garden
Some home grown chile in the garden, some of which have already been picked and eaten
Grandson Hayes looking at hollyhocks and sunflowers at the side of our house
Dripping Springs waterfall in the Organ Mountains with grandson Hayes and Chester enjoying the bounty of a wet monsoon season
Granddaughter Hannah with new friend dodging monsoon raindrops in the back yard

2 thoughts on “What a good monsoon season can do…

  1. I’m glad to see you enjoying time with your grandchildren. Probably the best time of your life. We have been blessed with good rain this year also. July rainfall at our house was just shy of 3 inches. With the extra humidity, our refrigerated a/c provides about 5 or more gallons of water discharge daily that I can use to water garden. BTW, I’ve been meaning to tell you about this lonely doe. We live in the foothills of SE Albuquerque with lots of wildlife. Usually there are 4 doe and occasional buck foraging near our house, but lately I’ve seen only 1 doe and she seems to be constantly looking for her companions. I’ve started referring to her as the lonely doe. She will stand in one spot on our property for 30 minutes staring in one direction then she will change position and turn her head and stare in the same direction. I feel very sorry for her. I don’t know if she has been abandoned or if the others are elsewhere and she is waiting for them to show up. She looks healthy as she has been feasting on my squash plant.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer


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