Strange things that come from Mexico to New Mexico…

Police at border crossings between the United States and Mexico, and at the U.S. Border Patrol stops outside Las Cruces, are always on the alert for illegal drugs.

So when agents at an El Paso border crossing spotted a nervous man driving a New Mexico licensed Ford F-150, they figured they should search the pickup. After a thorough inspection of the vehicle, they found what they thought would be a perfect place to hide illegal drugs — the space inside the spare tire.

Sure enough, there was contraband. It was eight tubes of Mexican bologna weighing about 36 pounds. 

Forgive me if I have this wrong, but cant you buy bologna in New Mexico?


This story reminded me of another tale that a good friend and former Dean at the New Mexico State University college of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences told me about.

This story involved a man from Mexico explaining his process for smoking jalapeno peppers that he would sell in the United States. Traditionally, jalapenos are smoked over some kind of wood. The would be importer, in discussing his technique for smoking the peppers, confessed that instead of using wood, he was smoking them with burning rubber from old tires. 

The traditional way to smoke jalapenos...
The way to do it in Mexico???

Which brings me to my final point. In searching for a picture of bologna, I ran across this item.


I think I’ll pass on this if I found out that the jalapenos were sourced from Mexico.

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