More baloney…

Maybe we should start being concerned about this trend. 

In December, I wrote a blog about a man who was caught illegally transporting Mexican bologna into the United States at El Paso. The bologna had been stuffed inside a spare tire in the New Mexico man’s pickup truck. Spare tires are common places used to hide illegal drugs being transported into the U.S.  But bologna? Really?

Well, it’s happened again. This time an Albuquerque man was attempting to bring in a large quantity of Mexican bologna when he was caught in January in the nefarious deed at a border patrol stop near El Paso. This time, the bologna was stashed under a pile of potato or corn chip bags. Maybe the perpetrator thought the border patrol agents would believe he was just planning a really big picnic and would let him go.

Customs officials said that the person was carrying 55 pounds of bologna and told the authorities he could sell the stuff in New Mexico for at least twice what he had paid for it across the border. 

And later in the month, authorities arrested a woman coming from Mexico with another stash of bologna contraband under the backseat, under car covers and “intermingled with luggage” in her vehicle.

If you had hopes of tasting some of the bologna to find out why it’s so special, you’ll have to go across the border to try it out. Customs officials said after the contraband bologna was confiscated it was “destroyed using a USDA approved incinerator.”

So if you’re driving around southern New Mexico and smell what what you might think is a really big picnic going on — where grilled bologna is the meat of choice — you’re probably just somewhere near the “USDA approved incinerator.”


Mexican bologna, seized by customs agents

One thought on “More baloney…

  1. This makes me VERY interested in procuring some Mexican bologna. Maybe after eating well understand why they’re willing to take such risks to smuggle it here.

    Or does the illegal smuggling have to do with the notorious Oscar Meyer cartel having the Border Patrol agents in their pockets to keep other product out of their territory.

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