And even more baloney…

Really. This is getting silly. A further read of the story which prompted my blog a couple of weeks ago revealed that a woman from Colorado passing through New Mexico was busted for smuggling an even bigger stash of Mexican bologna.

This time, agents found 188 pounds of the meat stashed away in various places in her car, including under the back seat and “commingled with luggage.”

Two thoughts here. The weight of the bologna was equal to at least one other passenger in her car. And if the bologna was “commingled” in the luggage, what would her laundry have smelled like if she hadn’t been caught.

My son had some interesting observation about the bologna smuggling explosion.

“This makes me VERY interested in procuring some Mexican bologna,” he commented. “Maybe after eating we’ll understand why they’re willing to take such risks to smuggle it here.”

And then he questioned “does the illegal smuggling have to do with the notorious Oscar Meyer cartel having the Border Patrol agents in their pockets to keep other product out of their territory?”

Profound thoughts, indeed.

So in the interest of science, I’m going to try to track down some of the bologna in one of the local carnicerias in Las Cruces. In doing initial research, I was surprised to find at least half a dozen such outlets of Mexican meat in our city. 

I’m wondering if you have to say some kind of code to get access to the room where they keep the illegal Mexican bologna — kind of like a 1930s speakeasy.

Hey buddy, got any bologna?

I just hope the USDA meat cops don’t raid the place while I’m, there. 

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