Expect less than excellence…

On my way to the Las Cruces city dump, I found this unusual recycled school bus parked along the route.


I hope it doesn’t transport school kids any more

It may be hard to see in this photo, but much of the bus has been “re-engineered” with sheets of plywood that blocked out some windows and were attached on top to support what looked like solar panels.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about the bus was the sign toward the front of the vehicle (hard to read in this photo) that says “Expect Success.” The sign was from the “Gilbert Public Schools” (Arizona, I think) proclaiming “120 years of quality education.”

I think if was in charge of that school district, I would made certain that someone removed that sign before selling it to an unknown buyer. It’s similar to the Houston , TX, plumber’s truck that ended up in the hands of militants in the Mideast a couple of years ago with a machine gun mounted in the bed. No one had bothered removing the company’s logo and phone number from the vehicle before it was shipped overseas and sold to the insurrectionists in Afghanistan. 

I wonder if the Houston company is getting long distance calls to unclog someone’s toilet in Kabul. 

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