Does parking your car next to a dumpster mean it’s free?

Police in Clovis arrested two men recently for attempting to sell a stolen set of aluminum bleachers at a metal recycling facility.

After receiving a report of missing bleachers at a city park and a tip from the metal recycling company, police concluded that the two men had swiped the bleachers in an attempt to raise some quick cash.

Available for the taking?

When the two suspects were confronted about the matter, they claimed that they had found the almost new bleachers next to a trash dumpster. They said they assumed that they were being thrown away and considered them to be available for the taking.

So using that logic, these guys may assume that when you park your car near a dumpster, they consider it to be abandoned and will sell it to Buster’s Barely Banged-Up Car Lot. Well, not until they get out of jail.

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