Um, that’s not really anywhere near Roswell…

Promotional artwork for CW TV series Roswell

A CW Network TV show currently airing is yet another attempt to conjure up stories of space aliens who arrived in Roswell, NM, in 1947. I confess that I’ve never watched it, and at this point don’t really plan on it.

What I found amusing in the promotions for the TV show is the picture showing Shiprock, the famous rock formation on the Navajo Nation with the word Roswell beneath it. That’s about 350 miles away as the crow flies.

Or maybe in the case, as the UFO flies.

It’s another case of people from the West or East coast not really understanding where or what New Mexico is. It’s kind of like sticking a saguaro cactus in the middle of a map of our state — which happens all the time.

Of course, maybe the TV show is trying to tie into the Navajo legends surrounding the impressive rock outcropping. One version is that the mountain, whose name in Navajo is “rock with wings,” flew to northwestern New Mexico to bring the Dine‘ to their new homeland.

Maybe aliens captured the rock on another planet and flew it to earth and picked up the Navajo people along the way.

I’m sure the overly creative minds of Hollywood screen writers could come up with a great story line around that topic. I’m not so sure how the Navajos would feel about being painted as descendants of aliens.

2 thoughts on “Um, that’s not really anywhere near Roswell…

  1. They just completed a three day sale of the props, furniture, finishings, and findings of the show. It took place at the old KMart bldg on St Mike’s where they also did some of the filming .

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