Trademark pending???

You might have read recently that THE Ohio State University has trademarked the use of the word “THE” when the school is referenced. The presumptuous move supposedly means no other university can use the word “THE” (all caps, please) when referring to the institution. Hence, there can be no “THE University of Humor Impaired of Southwest Wisconsin” or “THE University of the Severely Indecisive of Wyoming.”

I got to thinking about this last week when listening to a football game in which the announcer made a reference to “the Ohio State University fullback.” So now, should the correct reference be “the THE Ohio State University fullback?” A double entry, so to speak.

Well, it’s time to fight back. I propose that in the future, New Mexico State University now be referenced as “EL New Mexico State University,” capitalizing on our Hispanic heritage and beating the equally presumptuous University of New Mexico to the punch.

I’ve even started design work on t-shirts that EL NMSU could sell to protect this important naming right.

Get yours before they’re all gone!!!

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