Is it my car registration or a job offer?

Supply chain issues have been popping up everywhere as a result of the pandemic. Recently, one showed up in our state government that I suspect many people didn’t anticipate.

This one affected the Motor Vehicle Department. Those of us who have lived in New Mexico for years have stories to tell about the continuing bumbling by that department, which is often the first state agency that new residents to our state have to encounter. Long lines, surly clerks, confusing procedures and other maladies are why this agency is often criticized for its performance — or lack of it.

In July, the agency ran out of envelopes to mail documents and other important information to its customers — essentially anyone who owns a motor vehicle in the state. The agency’s solution was to borrow some from another state agency which had the return address of that department on it.

The agency which offered up the substitute envelopes was the New Mexico Workforce Solutions Department. It’s the agency that helps people find jobs in the state, breathlessly proclaiming itself as “a World-Class, market-driven workforce delivery system.”

So when this “world class” agency does a mashup with the MVD, we get confusing messages to people possibly thinking they’re getting a job offer instead of the registration to their 87 Chevy pickup.

A not so cleverly disguised envelope from your friendly MVD

In an attempt to make up for the misfortune of not having enough envelopes on hand, the MVD put a temporary stamp on the upper right-hand corner of the envelope saying it was really “MVD MAIL.”

As I recall, the MVD now falls under the wing of the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, which might have been a better source of envelopes. I’m sure anyone getting a letter with a return address from the Taxation and Revenue Department — New Mexico’s equivalent of the IRS — would be more likely to take notice of that piece of mail rather than one from the Department of Workforce Solutions. That’s even giving them credit for being an agency that describes itself as “World Class.”



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