Mosquitos beware…

You’ll need to take a long breath before reading the topic of this newly patented research project by the Colorado State University Research Foundation and Pebble Labs of Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Here goes:

“A system for the biocontrol of disease-transmitting mosquitoes and their eggs using horizontally transferable symbiotic bacteria to deliver pathogen specific interfering RNA polynucleotodes.”

And now you’ll need to take a long breath to give your brain enough oxygen to process whatever that is.

Target of new patent

I ran across this mouthful of a development in the “On the Record” section of a recent Albuquerque Journal “Business Outlook” section. 

When reading local newspaper, I occasionally skim through legal ads, court rulings, want ads and other seemingly trivial topics and often come up with gems like this. 

I have no idea what this development actually does, but perhaps when I find out more, I’ll do a blog about it. 

In the meantime, if you’re a mosquito beware.  High tech is coming after you. 

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