Did I just get a job offer with a big $$$ signing bonus?

I got a letter last week with the return address for the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions on the left upper side of the envelope. It was a window envelope with what looked like a check of some sort inside.

Woohoo, I thought. I savagely ripped open the envelope expecting to find a fat check for something I had not been expecting.

Nope, didn’t happen. I forgot that I had written a blog about this just a few weeks ago. It was a report that the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Department, allegedly short on envelopes and strategic planning, started using envelopes some from another unrelated state agency, then stamping “MVD MAIL” on the right side near the postmark.

Inside was the title to our new truck, which was actually a good thing, knowing how sketchy the MVD’s performance can be in our state.

Note yellow highlighted return address on upper left and stamped “MVD MAIL” on upper right.

Now doesn’t that look like it would be a check?

Just too gullible, I guess.

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