Another Halloween tale…

Police in Albuquerque are searching for two armed robbers who came into a Halloween store before the holiday and forgot something essential for someone contemplating such a crime.

A mask.

The store was probably full of them, but the armed robbers apparently were clueless about security cameras in place and allowed their faces to be clearly shown in a video from inside the facility inside a West Side mall. They may have even tried to grab one off the shelves before the store manager figured out their motive.

The only thing the one of the robbers was wearing on his head or face was a backward-turned baseball cap. After the manager confronted the individuals, she was threatened with a gun, then the two fled on foot. Police could not locate the suspects in the area of the store.

Police made a statement that kind of seemed incongruous to the clear photo of one of the robbers that was printed in the Albuquerque Journal.

It said that “Due to the lack of identifying information and not locating the subjects (near the store)…” the report of the robbery was referred to detectives.

I don’t know about you, but I think a clear photo of the suspect would be “identifying information.”

Maybe next time, the robbers will remember to wear a mask and not try to grab one off the shelves after they enter. I think I’d go with one of these:

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