It’s a great day if you’re not a turkey — or me…

I know all of you are busy getting ready for a big Thanksgiving feast, so I’ll keep this short.

For several years, Thanksgiving became a bad luck day for me. This mostly happened when I was much younger and I think the stigma has gone away.

For example, one year I was playing in some rock rubble next to a house we were renting in Ruidoso. As I recall, the city was planning on installing sewer lines and had dug up a street next to our house. In the long term, that was a good development, since our house had a septic tank that my parents warned my sister and I to avoid for fear it would collapse if too much weight was placed on it.

So while apparently trying to discover a cave in the rock rubble I dislodged a rather large flat rock the size of a card table and it fell on my back. I was pinned underneath it, but luckily someone nearby either saw what happened or hear me screeching for help. Some people rush to help remove the rock, including my embarrassed father, and I suffered no injuries.

On another occasion, my sister and I were playing a game of “Where do you think you are?” by blindfolding the other sibling and allowing them to wander around to try to figure out their location around our house. (Luckily, we no longer lived in the house where we feared falling into a septic tank). When it was my turn to be blindfolded, I decided to try to explore the area surrounding me by crawling on all fours. Unfortunately, there was a four-foot cliff right in front of me, and I crawled straight toward it, then tumbled into it. I suffered a cut on my head when I hit a rock but did not have a broken neck. My sister swears she tried to warn me of my impending doom, but either I didn’t hear it or thought she was just trying to throw me off my quest of determining where I was.

I can’t recall the other bad Thanksgiving incidents that happened to me over the years, but I do remember being very cautious about everything on Turkey Day for a long time after that.

Anyway, hope you and your family enjoy a nice Thanksgiving and avoid rock piles and being blindfolded — or being a turkey.

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