But what if I need someone to fix a flat tire at 1 a.m.???

Imagine that you’re planning a driving trip to the West Coast and want to leave right after midnight so you can avoid traffic congestion in Phoenix and Los Angeles along the route you’ve chosen. You’ve loaded up the car with your luggage and other items the evening before so it will be a quick exit when the clock hits midnight.

Then you walk into the garage and see it. A flat tire. You have to have it repaired and it’s not something you can do by yourself. You may have a spare, but it’s one of those silly temporary donuts that won’t let you go any faster than 50 miles per hour. You don’t have room to take the flat tire with you because you have so much stuff in your car. You might make it as far as Lordsburg before the donut spare wears out. And then, the one local tire shop there doesn’t have the correct size rubber for your vehicle. Of course, if you were driving a Ford F-150, they would have every possible wheel/tire combination in stock.

“We can have it shipped in from Phoenix in two days,” the store owner announces proudly when asked how soon you can get a replacement tire.

Who repairs flat tires in the middle of the night? No one.

But all is not lost. When I got up this morning to drink my morning coffee and read the local newspaper, I discovered this story.

Las Cruces now has a marijuana dispensary open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just what we all really needed!

So I guess the moral of this story is that if things go bad in the middle of the night, you can just smooth it over by going to the 24-hour pot dispensary, then toke up a big fat doobie while waiting for the sun to come up. If you’re still capable of driving, you can take your tire to the local Big O store and wait until the boys finish their breakfast burrito and third cup of coffee. You’re hoping that one of the guys working on your tire wasn’t the same guy you spotted at the dispensary earlier this morning.

Or maybe you could learn how to fix a flat tire yourself.

One thought on “But what if I need someone to fix a flat tire at 1 a.m.???

  1. The 1 a.m. flat tire may have been a message from above noting that “Nothing good ever happens after midnight”. e.g. Those folks that visit the 24/7 pot shop in the wee hours. They too could be headed for PHX.


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