“Florida Man” can’t compete with “Loving Man…”

You may have seen the meme about “Florida Man,” which has been floating around the internet since 2013.

It’s usually a story about some deranged person living in Florida doing something incredibly stupid. The following are some actual headlines:

“Florida man arrested for practicing karate by kicking swans in the head.”

“Florida man changed with picking magic mushrooms while carrying alligator.”

“Florida man sent back to jail after not paying for taxi ride home from jail.”

“Florida man tried to run over son because he didn’t want to take a bath.”

“Florida man beats ATM, says it gave him too much cash.”

New Mexico is no stranger to unusual things, which is largely what prompted me to begin writing this blog. A daily review of the newspaper can usually find story that shows us why the Land of Enchantment can be so, well, enchanted.

In my previous life as a journalist, I had a colleague who collected funny headlines from around the state. Some of the best ones originated from a small town in southeastern New Mexico named Loving. Here are a few of the headlines I remember him saving:

“Loving man arrested for dismembering wife.”

“Loving Police Chief named in love triangle lawsuit.”

“Loving city council cancels Valentine’s Day celebration.”

“Loving wife abandons children in middle of rural road.”

I’ve decided to start looking for headlines from the small southern New Mexico community of Lizard. Maybe someday I’ll spot one that reads:

“Lizard man raises roadrunners for food.”

“Lizard man named State Police Chief.” (This one is almost true)

“Lizard man marries Loving woman while Florida man without arms films the event.”

Okay, I’m done now. But if you have any suggested “Loving” or “Lizard” headlines, send them my way.

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