You might recall a blog I wrote recently about the cannabis store in Las Cruces that has plans to be open 24 hours a day. I lamented that you couldn’t get a flat tire fixed at 3 in the morning, but you could get pot at that time.

Well, I discovered a new twist on pot sales earlier this week. A new drive-in pot dispensary has opened up on Valley Drive. It’s called “High Horse Cannibis Co,” which is a guess a pretty descriptive name if you are graining your buckskin mare and mix in some pot with it.

The most interesting thing about this store is that it is right next to a very popular frozen custard location called Caliche’s, which also has a drive-up lane. In theory, you could hit the drive-in window at High Horse, then just as you get the munchies, drive over to Caliche’s without going on a city street to order a Gizmo sundae. Then you could loop back to High Horse — again without going on a public road — and start the sequence all over and keep going until you run out of gas.


On another topic, I wrote recently about a homeless man named Keith who had visited our church and filled out the guest book and listed his address as “under the bridge.” He even left his phone number in the column for that information.

Well, Keith came back and signed the guest book again, but this time in the column for phone number, he left this sad note:

“My phone got stolen.”

So I guess if our church is planning to track down Keith encouraging him to come back, we’ll be out of luck — unless we go checking out the space under the bridge.


And finally, there was sad news today about the death of Mississippi State football coach Mike Leach. He was, but all accounts, a truly innovative and well-respected expert on the game — particularly his passing offense.

But what I think a lot of people will remember is his off-beat comments about everything from aliens to weddings to team mascots to candy corn. The best interview I ever heard him give was about one of his daughters quizzing him about the style of wedding invitation she should send out. I couldn’t find it on the internet, but I’ll keep trying.

In the meantime, here’s a link from USA today about some of his most memorable quotes. I hope you’ll get a chuckle out of it.

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