Cow chips and Dave Barry…

I always look forward to the Albuquerque Journal’s annual “Cow Chip” awards for humorous things that have happened in New Mexico during the past year. I’ve used the awards for fodder for several of my blogs in the past.

Many of this year’s Cow Chips had a political angle, which could be expected given that it was an election year. I’ll pass on commenting on those, given my desire to remain mostly apolitical in my blogging.

There were some non-political good ones, however. One was about a Southwest Airlines flight that made an unscheduled stop in Albuquerque because a passenger on a flight from Texas to California couldn’t wait for a turn in the on-board restroom and took the option of whizzing in a corner at the back of the plane. The Journal reports that the “pee-pertrator” became hostile when confronted by flight attendants, requiring the unscheduled landing in Albuquerque.

Another story involved a bank robbery in which a man entered a financial institution carrying a gas can and demanding a teller to hand over cash — apparently thinking he couldn’t afford gasoline for his motorized escape.

I’ll keep looking for more of my “why I love New Mexico” treasures in the newspapers and on my travels around the state.

In the meantime, I also encourage you to read Dave Barry’s annual “Year in Review,” which I found online in the Boston Globe. Barry equally skewers everyone — regardless of political affiliation or perceived self-importance — for stupid things they’ve done or said during the year. I look forward to it every year. Here’s the link and I hope you enjoy it too:

Hope your 2023 is off to a good start. Keep me in mind to send me information if you stumble across — maybe that’s not the best choice of words — your own Cow Chip discoveries during the year.

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