The gift that keeps on giving…

By that, I mean a visit from your grandchildren.

We were fortunate to have all four of our grandchildren visiting us over the holidays. They are ages nine, eight, seven and three. They kept us busy and I’m hoping we will recover from exhaustion by sometime next June.

In what all of us could see coming, I managed to catch a nasty cold from one or all of them. No, it wasn’t Covid, it wasn’t strep throat or the flu. Just the common crud. I’m almost recovered. All four of them, along with my son, had experienced cold-like symptoms before coming here.

Here’s your Christmas gift, Grandpa!

I have not been sick since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, so being sick with a cold was a somewhat perverted reminder of how nice it felt not to be sick for the past three years. My wife and I have been particularly careful during the pandemic, still wearing masks in indoor places where lots of people gather, getting all of our vaccines and limiting our social visits. But in a home stuffed with nine people and two dogs for almost two weeks, you’ve pretty much lost any advantage of avoiding cooties.

And in addition to the cold, we had two additional cherries on top of our Christmas experience. One involved the discovery of three particularly putrid piles of dog poop and the remnants of a puddle of pee on the carpet near our Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Unless we resort to DNA sampling of what we discovered on our carpet, I doubt we’ll be able to identify which one of the two dogs left us the Christmas morning present.

The second was a red blotch on our carpet from dye that came with a fancy microscope kit given to one of our grandsons. He apparently did not make the connection that dyes probably should not be slathered on microscope slides then placed on freshly cleaned carpet. We’re slowly getting it removed.

Although each grandchild had meltdown moments during the visit, we were pleased that they all got along and enjoyed playing with eachother, despite the wide range of their ages.

Like my cold, anything that was briefly unpleasant will all fade into forgotten memories soon. But we did enjoy the visit and look forward to seeing them again this coming summer on a trip we’ve been putting off for the last three years to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

And I hope your Christmas and New Year’s holidays were enjoyable.

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