Stating the obvious…

I’ve been driving past this place in Las Cruces Several years. It was the location of Church’s Chicken franchise which apparently did not do well in our city, perhaps because of its location on a busy one-way street, and was forced to close because of limited business. (Truth be told, I ate there one time and promptly got sick, so maybe that was the reason it folded.)

Well, duh!

As you can see, the entire building has been torn down, the lot has been leveled and the sign was gutted, except for the marquee which still has the words “closed” on it (circled in blue). The picture may be a little fuzzy, but the word “closed” is still there — with perhaps the letter “E” about to slide off.

That made me think of some other strange signs I’ve seen around the state.

In Espanola, there is a long-vacant paved lot with the words “Espanola’s Best Used Cars” above it. It suggests to me that there aren’t really any good used cars in that city.

And just north of town, there was once a billboard announcing that a local dentist could “cure anything but potty mouth.”

I once visited a location in Arizona where a street leading to a cemetery announced that the road was a “Dead End.”

And as I think I mentioned in an earlier blog, a good friend of mine who was a college professor at the time flew into a rage when he saw an official state highway sign advising trucks with “trailors” should slow down. He was afraid it reflected on the lack of intelligence in our state — which it clearly did.

But my all-time favorite sign was the one I spotted on the Navajo Nation on a roadside stand on the highway between Farmington and Shiprock which read:

One thought on “Stating the obvious…

  1. I’m intrigued by the juxtaposition of Seasonal & Incontinence marking two adjacent isles at the Walgreens just the up the street from me. So far, not enough intrigued check out either of them.


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