Elvis and the chihuahuas…

A couple of quick updates.

First, my good friend Don in Montana sent me an update about plans to auction off Elvis Presley’s private jet that had been left on the tarmac for years at the Roswell Industrial Air Center (old Walker Air Force Base).

The plane, complete with a red velvet interior, was a 1962 Lockheed Jetstar that was considered to be the first of corporate jets. It was one of several planes that Elvis owned and somehow ended up wasting away in New Mexico for 40 years after he sold it.

Elvis’ 1962 Lockheed Jetsar on the tarmac in Roswell.

I wrote a story about it on my blog on Dec. 13, saying that the current owner of the aircraft had decided to auction it off at a Mecum auto auction in Florida.

The interior of the King’s plane, giving new meaning to “Velvet Elvis.”

The plane, which Elvis originally paid $840,000 for, was picked up at the auction for $234,000 by Florida You Tube star Jimmy Webb, who says he plans to turn it into a recreational vehicle. The plane was dismantled for its 1,600 mile road trip to Florida.

Awaiting transmogrification into an RV.

And while it was “Nothin’ But a Hound Dog” of an airplane, there is good news for some other dogs in New Mexico.

I wrote in January that 64 Chihuahua dogs had been rescued after the van they were in crashed near Vaughn in east central New Mexico. Police suspect as many as 110 of the dogs were in the van when it crashed head on into a semi-truck. Several of the dogs were killed in the accident and others escaped, no doubt to become snacks for nearby hungry coyotes. It is believed that the animals had been bred in an illegal puppy mill and were being transported to a location where they would be sold.

In the March 16 Albuquerque Journal, a story said that 32 of the dogs are now available for adoption new homes after having been kept for observation and rehabilitation for several weeks at the East Mountain Companion Animal Project near Moriarity. The organization says 15 other dogs were adopted in late January

If you’re interested in one of the remaining pups, information is available at:


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