He missed St. Patrick’s Day by about a month…

Our rambunctious goldendoodle, Chester, discovered another way to amuse us last week. I had just mowed our back yard and because I had let my tall fescue grow too high. When I mowed, there was a lot of bright green mulch scattered about in certain areas.

Chester has rolled in some awful stuff in the past — the carcass of some dead animal at a school playground, stinky cat poop along our walks and other underdetermined obnoxiously odiferous things.

So when Chester spotted the large clumps of green mulch left behind when I did my overdue mowing job, he dived right in and started rolling around in it before I could stop him. He relished in the task. The result is below:

Yes, his face was a subtle, but still obvious shade of green. He also got it on his back when he rolled over the clumps of grass.

Now I have no problems with people dying their hair. Our good friend Gloria in Santa Fe often surprises us with interesting shades of purple hair. And I once helped my middle-school-aged daughter and a friend dye their youthful locks with a sticky red Kool-Aid mixture in our bathroom sink. It washed out pretty quickly, but I’m not sure the parents of our daughter’s friend appreciated my efforts to emulate hairstylist “Mr. Gigi.”

(I do, however, object to suggestions that I dye my hair to keep it dark. I’ve never dyed it. I attribute my hair color to good hair genes. I do have an increasing number of gray hairs working in, and I’m fine with that. End of rant.)

By the time you read this, Chester’s green tint will be largely gone. However, he still smells like a freshly mowed lawn — which is not bad and WAAAAY better than other things he has rolled around on.

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